Test Your Air Conditioning at Home

When internal temperature start to rise, while your air conditioner is running, you may have problem with unit. Two crucial areas in all buildings provide information on efficiency with your air conditioner is running. It is necessary to control temperature of airflow at these critical locations.

air conditioning technicians use several temperature test tools, and vast majority of them choose less expensive device. Test launch your air conditioner in room located furthest from air conditioning unit as possible. Insert thermometer probe dial in or between vents of cold air.

Test Your Air Conditioning at Home

probe, slim metal tube, has bimetallic spring and dial face attached to it. Keep probe in air stream for few minutes to get accurate reading. Remove thermometer when temperature indicator stops moving.

Write down cold air temperature. Check temperature of air returning to air conditioning unit via air return filter. Make sure you check correct vent.

Hold facial tissue in front of air return vent. air returning to system will draw and hold tissue to louvers of vent. Insert thermometer’s probe into louvers of this vent and wait until temperature indicator needle stops moving.

Write down temperature. Evaluate resulting temperatures. Optimum temperatures for cold air leaving vent and coming into room range from 15 to 20 degrees colder than room temperature.

temperature of air at air return may range from 14 to 20 degrees warmer than air temperature going into room.

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How to Test Your Air Conditioning at Home

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