Test Home Air Conditioner Capacitor

Capacitors give additional impetus to electric motors when starting under load. capacitor is connected to motor circuit via two metal terminals on top of cylindrical device. You can think of capacitor as battery short-term storage.

tests capacitor problems usually done when engine has difficulty starting. good indication of bad capacitor is when engine does not rotate and buzzing noise is heard. best method for test capacitor is using ohmmeter.

Test Home Air Conditioner Capacitor

Shut off all electrical power to air conditioner circuit. Whole house air conditioning systems may have more than single power source. Make sure all power is switched off.

If system’s electrical capacitor is warm or hot to touch, allow device to fully cool before testing. Pull electrical wires from two terminals using needle nose pliers. Make note as to which color wire connects to which terminal.

Remove capacitor from its mounted location by removing metal retaining strap that secures device to air conditioner housing. If capacitor is swelled or leaking oil, there is no need to conduct further test. device is bad.

Set capacitor, with terminals facing up, on flat surface. Remove all stored power in device by touching metal stem of screwdriver to two metal terminals. Make sure to hold screwdriver by its insulated handle.

Switch ohmmeter’s dial to position of Rx1 ohm. Insert red lead into ohm connector and black lead into com connector. Touch metal ends of leads together.

meter should read 0 ohms. Touch red lead to one of terminals and black lead to other. display should move slowly to right, 0 ohms, and than back down to left, infinite ohms.

If meter display indicator does not move, capacitor has internal break. If meter moves to 0 ohms and stays in that position, capacitor has internal short and is bad.

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How to Test Home Air Conditioner Capacitor

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