Tell If Dog Has Cancer

If it is detected soon enough, your dog cancer can be treated quite successfully, giving additional years with his beloved companion. But key to catching cancer early enough is monitoring your dog for symptoms at home and be proactive about getting appropriate tests, even when symptoms seem mild. If you have close relationship with both your dog and your veterinarian, you will be able to detect cancer early.

know normal and healthy behavior of your dog well so you can immediately notice any change in behavior. Two important changes that may indicate cancer are general lethargy and refuses to participate in activities once enjoyed. Check your dog carefully for any lumps on regular basis.

Tell If Dog Has Cancer

Though not all lumps are cancerous, and not all cancer produces lumps that you can actually feel, and lumps you find on your dog have potential to be cancerous. Look for sores that are not healing. dog’s sores should start visibly healing within 24 hours if this doesn’t happen even when your dog isn’t scratching or chewing them, you need to have sores examined.

Monitor your dog’s food and water intake. dog with cancer often eats and drinks less than healthy dog, and may even find it difficult to chew or swallow. Even if your dog doesn’t have cancer, these are signs that something is wrong.

Notice if your dog has any difficulty defecating, urinating or breathing. Difficulty in any of these things can indicate cancer and always indicates health problem.

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How to Tell If Dog Has Cancer

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