Tell if Baby Is Cold

Keeping baby, especially suitable temperature newborn is important to help baby to stay healthy and strong step. If you are new parent or child care giver, however, it can be difficult to know if your baby is cold. Fortunately, following several simple steps, you should easily be able to determine if your baby needs some extra clothes or blanket to keep warm and welcoming.

Use your own comfort level as guide. Although it is possible to assume that your baby should be included constantly, regardless of weather, this is not true. Once body temperature of your baby properly regulated within first days of life, you do not need any further dress you dress yourself.

Tell if Baby Is Cold

If you are comfortable in T-shirt, chances are, your baby is warm enough in one too. Listen to your baby’s cues. If your baby is cold, he will send you clear message of discontent by crying or fussing for apparently no reason.

If your baby has clean diaper, is not hungry, is still fussy and you think he may be cold, try wrapping him in blanket or putting extra layer of clothing on him to settle him down. Check your baby’s temperature with your hand. If you suspect that your baby is cold, feel nape of his neck, arms or trunk with back of your hand.

If he feels cool to touch in any of these areas, put some extra clothes on him, place blanket around him or turn up heat in your home. We hope the information on How to Tell if Baby Is Cold is helpful to you.

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How to Tell if Baby Is Cold

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