Teach Students to Not Lean Back in Their Chairs

Teachers know well how difficult it can be to maintain even most basic, common-sense rules in classroom. Kids, with their overwhelming sense of confidence– it will never happen to me –simply don’t understand how serious and life-altering single mistake can be, and overbalancing on chair is one of those things. Head and spinal cord injuries can result in brain damage, paralysis and even death.

This behavior can also represent small but significant gesture of disrespect to teacher, and therefore it is certainly worthwhile to take time to teach this valuable lesson. Present your students with detailed information on spinal cord and head injuries that can result from falling off chair. compelling way to do this is with LCD projector connected to laptop running PowerPoint, especially if you have Internet access and can show them videos related to head and spinal cord injuries.

Teach Students to Not Lean Back in Their Chairs

You might wish to examine case of Hollywood movie star Christopher Reeve. His spinal cord injury, result of fall from horse, left actor who once played Superman paralyzed from neck down. Relate first recorded instance of person hurting himself in this manner Eli Priest, in First Book of Samuel, Chapter 4, Verse 18.

After learning of Philistine defeat of Israelites in battle and capture of Ark containing Ten Commandments , Eli fell backwards off his chair and died from his injury. This technique will probably work best in religious school environment. Tell about contemporary individuals who have hurt themselves by falling off chairs, such as Chicago Cub’s Derrek Lee.

This example is especially useful for kids who think that their youthful athleticism will protect them from injury. Impose specific penalties for failure to adhere to your four legs on floor policy, which should be age-appropriate. Primary school children, for example, could lose minute of recess for every infraction, older students might respond better to threat of detention.

You might also find it useful to ask school administration what replacement costs for chair might be, and let students know they will be responsible for paying them.

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How to Teach Students to Not Lean Back in Their Chairs

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