Teach Solar Energy Interactively

Provide students with background information on the subject of solar energy to ensure that they experience required to make logical predictions related to solar energy research activities. Explain to students that Solar Energy provides that moves in sunbeams. Further explain solar gas sphere is radiant energy in the atmosphere, and only a fraction of the rays reach the earth with the most energy revolution Send to heat warms the air and soil.

This will serve as sufficient background for the following solar activity. The following students distribute three thermometers, a sheet of black paper, a piece of paper and writing paper. Students will use writing paper for receiving forecasts and results. Discuss create with students Suns ability heat under certain circumstances.

Teach Solar Energy Interactively

Allow students to tell what they know about it. Ask students for examples of how sun heats earth, and write students responses on board. Add to list if necessary.

Direct students to cover bulb on one thermometer with black paper and another with white paper. Instruct them to write numbers 1, 2 and 3 on their papers and to predict which thermometer will get hottest and why. Students make predictions based on what they know of sun’s ability to create heat.

Direct students to set up their thermometers by window or in area where there is direct sunlight. Set timer for three minutes once all students have set up their thermometers. When timer goes off, instruct students to record temperatures of each and compare it to their predictions.

Set timer for additional three minutes and have students make predictions on whether temperatures will change. Direct students to record results. End session with class collaboration on findings.

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How to Teach Solar Energy Interactively

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