Teach Electrical and Solar Energy in Second Grade

Children in the second class are already able to make connections between the world around them and facts they learn in school. Teachers in primary schools have job, children to various fields of science and the introduction of design lessons to refer the children to their own environment, be able. In addition to science to explain phenomena in theory, it can be seen beneficial for children experiments, and practical examples of solar and electrical energy.

Take students for field trip. If it home or business is near, that the solar collectors, has children take buildings and to see if possible to keep your lesson on solar energy there. Try to arrange for children solar panel up close.

Teach Electrical and Solar Energy in Second Grade

field trip to power plant or hydraulic dam would be good addition to your lectures on electricity. Teach children how to make their own circuits when you teach them about electricity. appropriate second grade experiment can be done by sticking copper wire and steel paper clip in lemon.

If your students bend two metal units close to one another and touch their tongue to both of them simultaneously, they should be able to feel slight tingle, which will prove presence of electricity. Fill lessons with interesting trivia. Children are curious, but they are much more likely to remember things that they find either interesting or entertaining.

For example, you can hold lessons about electric cars, houses and appliances that run on solar power, and explain effects various types of energy have on environment. Take empty pizza box and create flap by cutting into box lid along three sides using scissors. Leave about inch between sides of flap and edges of lid.

Fold flap out so that it stands up when lid of pizza box is closed. Dress inner side of flap with aluminum foil by wrapping foil tightly around flap and taping it to outer side of flap. Open box and tape plastic wrap over opening you made when you created flap.

Make it tight by leaving inch of plastic foil overlap on all sides and taping them to pizza box.

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How to Teach Electrical and Solar Energy in Second Grade

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