Teach Dog to Go to Bathroom

One of the first things you should teach your new puppy or dog is not going to the bathroom in the house. Dog raid home is best achieved when a puppy, but even if you adopt an older dog is not trained still can educate. Put your dog on the leash when you take her to the bathroom.

With a dog on the leash will have more control over the process of leaving and what happens once they are out. Give verbal same order every time you take dog to go to the bathroom. Walking toward the door with the dog and say: Come, let’s go outside.

Teach Dog to Go to Bathroom

Time to pee. Use same door every time you take your dog out to bathroom. You want dog to learn to go to door to alert you that he has to go out.

Using multiple doors for potty breaks will confuse him. Teach dog to give you audible signal of her need to go out. Some dogs will learn on their own to bark or hit door to let you know they are waiting for you to open it.

If your dog does not do this you might want to hang couple of small bells on doorknob. Ring bells yourself every time you take dog out, try ringing bells after you give verbal command and before opening door. Praise dog and give him affection or treat each time he goes to bathroom outside.

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How to Teach Dog to Go to Bathroom

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