Teach Child About Solar Energy

improved technology involved in the conversion of solar energy into electricity, making solar energy more affordable and practical option. Children about solar energy doctrine requires that they first understand some physics, including the structure of the atom and what electricity is. Explain that simple photovoltaic cell layer of silicon is produced under glass plate.

silicon atom has space for 8 electrons in the outermost shell has only 4 currently. It therefore shares its electrons with another silicon atom, so that they both have 8 electrons. Ask your child to imagine what would happen if silicon its atoms shared with the element that has 5 electrons in its outermost shell, such as phosphorus.

Teach Child About Solar Energy

extra electron would be easy to separate from atom because it has nothing holding onto it. Try to help your child understand that although light is wave and has frequency in similar way that radio signal does, it is also made up of particles called photons. Photons are used to knock extra electrons off phosphorous atoms in photovoltaic cell.

Draw sketch of free electrons inside silicon-phosphorous layer of photovoltaic cell looking for atom to latch onto but not finding one. These free electrons are collected, making electricity. Buy model kit that uses photovoltaic cell to power small device such as toy car.

You can find model kits in toy stores, hobby shops or online. You can also download instructions for building model using your own materials.

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How to Teach Child About Solar Energy

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