Teach Baby to Sit Up

You may also have your baby very soon, but not until about 4 or 5 months baby begins to show its willingness to sit on your own. If you want to help your baby to sit, is necessary not only to teach your baby how to sit, but also strengthen neck and back muscles you will use during sitting. Exercise and daily practice, your baby should be sitting independently by time it is 8 or 9 months old.

Begin teaching your baby so he joined with his help for short periods of time. Do this several times day to get used to sitting position. Gradually hold it for less time, giving you opportunity to sit alone.

Teach Baby to Sit Up

Place your baby on his tummy by placing blanket on floor and putting him down on it. Also known as tummy time, this exercise will strengthen his neck and back muscles as he begins to hold his head up while he plays and interacts with whatever is in front of him. You should aim to do tummy time every day for 15-30 minutes.

Sit your baby against something that will support his back while he learns to sit up on his own, such as boppy pillow. This type of pillow has curve in which baby can sit up and have pillow to support his back. Have him sit against pillow several times day until he begins sitting without extra support.

Provide your baby with toys to play with while he is sitting up to increase his willingness to sit independently for longer stretches of time. We hope the information on How to Teach Baby to Sit Up is helpful to you.

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How to Teach Baby to Sit Up

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