Teach Baby to Hold Bottle

As baby half of their first year approaches, parents often begin to wonder if he will begin to hold his own bottle. Babies need to have some fine motor skills to help them celebrate their bottles effectively. Here it is how to get head start on teaching your baby to hold his bottle.

Put your hands on your baby bottle with hand during feeding. This will help get your baby used to correct position of hand holding bottle on your own. Use small baby bottle and light it is easy to hold.

Teach Baby to Hold Bottle

For baby starting to hold his bottle, smaller bottles often work better. large and heavy bottle may feel awkward to small baby and, therefore, be hard to hold properly. Put small amount of liquid in your baby’s bottle.

A completely full bottle will be too heavy for baby to hold properly. Start out with 1 or 2 ounces of liquid in bottle, and then ramp up to more liquid as baby becomes comfortable with holding baby bottle. Consider choosing bottles that have handles on them.

Handles may make it easier for your baby to grab hold of baby bottle. We hope the information on How to Teach Baby to Hold Bottle is helpful to you.

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How to Teach Baby to Hold Bottle

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