Take Photos for Insurance Companies

If lost, damaged or stolen your property insured, your insurance is much documentation require state of the insured property, to prove the value of insured property, and any damage to insured property. Photographic evidence can visually prove not only the existence of products, but also the state against theft or damage. Whether products insured vehicle, at home or a piece of personal property, images can make his insurance claim invaluable.

Make a list of all elements of your insurance cover. This is easy for car insurance, but can complicate with homeowners or renters insurance. Each item you own that you would say if they are lost or damaged, should be photographed.

Take Photos for Insurance Companies

This includes jewelry, china, antiques, artwork, fixtures, tools, electronics, hardware and any other item that would be costly to replace. Develop systematic plan for photographing your possessions. Breaking down project by room is generally easiest way to ensure that everything is photographed.

Remember to photograph insides of cabinets, closets and drawers. Get close to object you are photographing. It is better to have uncluttered photos of each item of expensive jewelry individually than single cluttered photo of all your jewelry.

white sheet or even piece of paper can be used as backdrop to isolate object you are photographing. Take more pictures than you think you will need from every angle possible. You do not know what kind of damage your insured objects might suffer, so multiple photographs of each object will ensure that you have photographed object from angle that would help your insurance adjuster.

Catalog your photographs in such way that it is easy to locate ones you need when you are making claim. Organizing photographs by room e.g. Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom is one method, while organizing photographs by object type e.g.

Jewelry, Electronics, Hardware is another. Select organization model that makes most logical sense to you.

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How to Take Photos for Insurance Companies

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