Take Care of Cancer Patient

The treatment of cancer patient not begin and end in doctor’s office, hospital or chemotherapy sessions. Cancer patients need treatment in form of love and care from day you are diagnosed until end of battle, if battle ends fortunately or unfortunately. Caring for patient with cancer PTO, selflessness and understanding.

accompany patient to all visits to doctor and hospital. Keep track of appointments, all medications and dosages and be familiar with all aspects of patient treatments. Be prepared to receive good news or bad news and to provide immediate emotional support if you get bad news.

Take Care of Cancer Patient

Sit with cancer patient as he receives chemotherapy treatments. Chemo treatments are time-consuming so help keep patient entertained either by talking, playing board games, or bringing toy, video game or portable DVD player. Help patient focus on other things.

Understand side effects that come with cancer treatments. Some side effects include nausea, vomiting, pain, fatigue and infections around chemo ports. Remind cancer patient of inspiring stories involving cancer survivors.

Gift her with books of cancer survivors stories, and remind her everyday to be thankful for each day given to them. Encourage her to count her blessings and enjoy each day as if she had never been diagnosed with cancer. Encourage patient to keep journal of all his concerns.

Ask patient to make list every day of things he is happy for and to imagine that he is healed.

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How to Take Care of Cancer Patient

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