Take Bathroom Mirror Off Wall

Remodeling the bathroom walls can dramatically change the look of the room. bathroom mirror is often the focal point of the room. Getting rid of outdated mirror, faded and replaced by a new one can transform your bathroom, making it look brighter.

Before you can install the new mirror, however, one must remove old security. The mirrors can be held to the wall with clips or adhesive, each has a different method of disposal. Ask a friend to help you remove the mirror.

Take Bathroom Mirror Off Wall

extra pair of hands is useful if you wish to keep old mirror intact. Put on your long-sleeved shirt, goggles and safety gloves. Cover fixtures with drop cloths to protect them from damage in case mirror breaks.

Unscrew plastic corner brackets holding your mirror in place, if applicable. Start at top, then unscrew bottom. Ask your partner to hold mirror in place while you unscrew it.

Remove mirror by grabbing one end and having your partner take opposite end. Walk mirror slowly out of bathroom and dispose of it. Slide piece of cut-out wire behind top-right corner of mirror if construction adhesive was used to secure mirror to wall.

Working with partner, each pull one end of wire to saw it back and forth behind mirror. Move at and angle from top to bottom, sawing wire down back of mirror to release it from wall. Slowly lift mirror away from wall and carry it out.

Cut through drywall around mirror, another method for removing mirror that’s been glued to wall. Draw around perimeter of mirror with pencil. Make 3-inch slice in drywall with box cutter.

Saw along line you drew, using drywall knife, going around entire perimeter. Push mirror back and forth gently, freeing it from drywall. Carry mirror out carefully.

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How to Take Bathroom Mirror Off Wall

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