Switch to Solar Power

Solar energy has come in recent decades long way. What once seemed like ecological pipe dream has become the power generation viable means. To save money on your energy bill and preserve valuable environmental resources, consider switch to solar energy into consideration.

install solar panels on the roof to make home solar energy available. Also known as photovoltaic or PV cells, solar cells are installed in different colors and designs custom-design ideas to match, you may have. Remember that the process can be very challenging to install solar panels and technically rigorous.

Switch to Solar Power

Store energy collected with solar panels by installing nearby bank of batteries. battery bank can store surplus solar power for rainy day when new solar power can’t be generated. For maximum power storage capacity, use deep-cycle batteries.

Use solar powered attic fan to move hot air from your home’s attic. These fans are relatively inexpensive and can reduce strain on your home’s air-conditioning system. solar attic fan can also prolong life of any solar equipment installed on your roof by reducing temperature and moisture levels in your attic.

Heat your home with solar power instead of more costly and environmentally unfriendly means. solar heating system can be used to heat your home’s water or swimming pool as well. While equipment and installation costs are substantial, government figures indicate that solar heating system can reduce power expenses by as much as 80 percent in sunny regions of country.

Replace your old water-piping systems with energy-efficient solar pumps. Solar water pumps can be especially cost effective in remote, rural areas where traditional water-piping networks are scarce. Install solar panels, and use them to power batteries that manage flow of water to your home.

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How to Switch to Solar Power

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