Survive Debt of Spouse

When two people fall in love and marry, she represents the life of happiness and romance. The debt of one spouse sometimes cause considerable stress in marriage and financial problems often lead to divorce. Safeguard your marriage and surviving spouse’s debt by the front of the head of the problems, finding external support and works towards financial security plan.

Organizing your debt might even bring you closer together as a couple. Recognize problem. Sit down with pen and paper, bills, receipts and other financial information.

Survive Debt of Spouse

Write down every debt and each bit of income coming into household. If your spouse will not be honest about debts, complete this first step with counselor trained in working with people who have spending problems. Approach your problems as team.

Even though your spouse may have gotten you into bad financial situation all on her own, now that you are aware of problem, you are both in situation together. Acknowledge any role you have played in issues and resolve to move forward without blame. Become willing to help your spouse conquer her debt problems and work together to find financial security.

Seek outside support. Confide in trustworthy friends, your religious leader or skilled therapist. Do not keep secrets. Find support groups for you and your spouse, such as Debtor’s Anonymous and Debt-Anon.

If your spouse refuses to get help for himself, resolve to get your own help, regardless of what he does. Create financial plan. Meet with financial planner or enroll in financial workshop hosted by respected financial authority, such as Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman.

If your spouse is unwilling to create debt reduction plan with you, separate your finances as much as possible by removing your name from credit accounts and putting major assets in your name alone. Then work on cleaning up your side of street. Decide who is responsible for paying monthly bills and divide them accordingly.

Get couples therapy. Debt puts major strain on marriages. While your money situation will not change overnight, you and your spouse should begin working on some of your underlying issues.

Talk about your feelings and communication issues with trained marriage therapist who can help you to resolve conflicts and focus on positive areas of your marriage.

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How to Survive Debt of Spouse

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