Suction Baby’s Nose

Babies are not able to blow your nose to clear your nostrils. When baby has cold and stuffy nose, you need little help to get rid of mucus. Suckle baby’s nose will help you breathe and eat better.

bulb syringe, purchased at pharmacy, you can use at home to suckle baby’s nose. Determine if your baby needs to suck nose. baby may have cold, but mucus is drained from nose itself and is breathing well.

Suction Baby’s Nose

If, however, your baby is having trouble eating and appears to be congested, suctioning his nose may help. Position your baby. Place your hand on back of baby’s head to hold her in place.

Squeeze bulb of syringe and than place tip in baby’s nostril only slightly inside nose. Hold on to syringe but release bulb which will allow air to rush back in. This creates suction.

You should be able to hear mucus being sucked up. Remove bulb syringe from your baby’s nose and squeeze it onto tissue to get rid of any secretions. Repeat in other nostril if needed.

Be gentle but quick. Completing suctioning fast will make it easier on both baby and caregiver. Clean bulb syringe after each use with soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

Squeeze syringe several times to be sure it is rinsed. We hope the information on How to Suction Baby’s Nose is helpful to you.

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How to Suction Baby’s Nose

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