Succeed in College Without Attending Class

college schedules can be busy and stressful. Classes, study, work and extracurricular activities play important role in college life, and that sometimes takes delicate balancing act to manage everything. However, for those who can not seem to gather energy to go to class every day, there are still ways to succeed.

Sign up for online classes. Online classes are very popular because courses can be done at your own pace. disadvantage of these classes is that students need to have strong organizational skills and be disciplined enough to check website of regular course.

Succeed in College Without Attending Class

Go first week of classes. For standard classes, going to first week is necessary. This is when instructor passes out syllabus, explains course requirements and goals, and lets you know what books are needed.

Follow syllabus. For those that don’t attend class regularly, syllabus is their best friend. Following this outline allows you to keep updated with required reading schedule and assignment due dates.

Attend class on assignment due dates and exam dates. Remember to attend these days to keep your grades up and get updates on changes in syllabus and class schedule. Also, going to class at least one day before scheduled exam is good idea because instructor could have review day for upcoming exam.

Homework is generally easiest way to earn points in class, so make sure you turn in every assignment.

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How to Succeed in College Without Attending Class

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