Straighten Air Conditioning Coil Fins

basic maintenance in both room and central air conditioning apparatus includes straighten bent fins. Check and straighten bent fins on both evaporator and condenser coils. bent tabs cut in efficiency of unit because straight fins allow air to pass freely between them.

Before straightening fins, remember to clean them too. With central unit, sometimes only you have access to condenser fins on outside. To find two condenser and evaporator coils inside air conditioned room.

Straighten Air Conditioning Coil Fins

Remove air conditioner plug from wall outlet. Push window up enough to allow you, or helper, to slide air conditioner out of window. Place unit on top of table.

Remove unit’s front grill by either pulling it off, or by removing any screws that hold it in place, using screwdriver, then pulling it off. Remove filter behind grill. Remove screws that hold unit’s outer cabinet in place, using screwdriver.

These screws are often located on lower section of cabinet. Remove cabinet. Clean any dirt from coils, using vacuum cleaner.

Straighten any bent fins on coils, using fin comb. Gently run comb down lengthwise, from top to bottom, between bent fins, much like you would if you were combing hair. Comb fins until they are straight and parallel to each other.

Don’t over-comb and damage fins. Install cabinet back on air conditioner, tightening screws with screwdriver. Place unit back into window, and make sure all gaps between unit and window are sealed.

Plug unit’s cord into electrical outlet.

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How to Straighten Air Conditioning Coil Fins

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