Store Solar Power

During daylight hours, is used immediately to generate some of the energy from the sun. Rest can rechargeable solar batteries are stored for use during the evening hours or during power outages. Discharge is via solar batteries inverter.

Solar batteries are specially long periods deep discharge on a regular basis and relatively quick recharge during daylight hours designed to treat. Select the appropriate battery or batteries for your system. Solar batteries come in voltages, similar batteries you buy as to power flashlights and radios.

Store Solar Power

smallest solar energy systems require at least 12-volt battery pack, while full residential system may require much larger battery pack. manufacturer of your solar panels may recommend specific batteries. If not, consult electrician or your local electrical supply store to learn requirements of kW size solar system you are installing.

Purchase batteries and charge controller either online or at your local building and or or electrical supply store. Erect battery box to store and protect batteries from elements and protect humans and animals from electricity they store. If you don’t want to purchase ready made unit, battery box may be built of 2 x 4 s.

box’s interior should be lined with pressure-treated plywood with base of fiberglass-laminated concrete board. Include hinged access door for easy maintenance, and gasket to prevent gas seepage, according to Jeffrey Yago for Backwoods Home Magazine. Connect batteries and charge controller to inverter of your solar energy system.

Your city’s building code may require you to hire electrician to complete this step.

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How to Store Solar Power

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