Store Solar Power to Batteries

When the battery storage system set up, you need to examine your entire system, including the current and the amount of use, before you get the batteries or wire. This will determine what is the voltage your system and how much space you need to have. in series to achieve wire-batteries correct voltage and then to achieve parallel proper amperage.

proper wire size based on your system voltage and the distance between solar cells and batteries. Mains isolation switches and controls are between the panels and batteries requires battery overcharge preventing. Determine how much sitting of batteries solar panel. further away are panel and battery from each other, you need more wire to connect them.

Store Solar Power to Batteries

For our purposes, we’ll assume they are sitting within 100 feet of each other. Cover solar panel with tarp to prevent power collection during setup. Attach 2-gauge battery interconnect wire between positive terminal on one 6-volt battery and negative terminal on second 6-volt battery.

Repeat with other battery interconnect and other two open terminals. You now have 12-volt system wired in series. Cut your wire so you have enough to reach from solar panel to regulator located near batteries and from regulator to batteries.

Connect positive wire from solar panel to positive input on regulator with #8 USE wire. Connect negative wire from solar panel to negative input on regulator with #8 USE wire. Connect positive terminal of one 6-volt battery to positive output terminal of regulator.

Connect negative terminal of other battery to negative output connector of regulator. Because your two 6-volt batteries are acting as one 12-volt battery unit, you wire them on opposite terminals. If you had series of 12-volt batteries, you would wire them positive battery terminal to positive battery terminal to positive output terminal on regulator and same with negative terminals.

Cut wire near regulator and install disconnect switch by connecting positive wire to positive terminal on one side of switch and positive terminal to positive wire leading to regulator. Repeat for negative wires. Remove tarp.

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How to Store Solar Power to Batteries

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