Store Solar Heat

The capture and storage of solar energy can be achieved by the use of medium high heat capacity. high heat capacity allows absorbing substance and thus to release large amount of energy change substantially without temperature. Water is such a substance and liquid and readily available, it makes use good medium solar energy to save.

Select may be hot water tank size, the heated fully with solar panels during typical day in your location. Solar cells have reviewed should, and you can determine evaluation use on your solar panels size of the container. Choose to place Spot hot water tank, the natural environment characteristics exploits.

Store Solar Heat

If you live in southwest or Gulf Coast where large stretches of year are hot and sunny, placing tank on roof may be good choice. This will allow tank to heat itself during day, reducing amount of energy lost. Be careful, though, just water in 50 gallon tank will weight over 417 pounds.

Proper structural support is needed if tank is placed off ground. If you live in northern state where it is cold during winter, placing tank in basement may be your best choice. Any lost heat will simply warm house during winter.

Insulate hot water tank. Insulation should wrap closely to tank and cover all parts. Insulation with high R value R45 or higher is preferable. Any sensors controlling solar panels designed to be attached to side of storage tank should be attached prior to insulating tank.

If you attach senors onto of insulation, pressure release valves may not function correctly, causing tank to become overheated. Connect hot-water tank to solar panels per instructions with solar panels. solar panels can be connected to either heating exchange line or water storage line of tank if tank is only going to be used for storage of recirculated water.

If you intend on directly using storage water, solar panels should be hooked up to heat exchanger ports. Insulate pipes to and from solar panels.

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How to Store Solar Heat

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