Store Solar Energy

Solar energy is collected on the ground as an alternative energy source that enables us to heat our homes, our water heat, power electricity and other necessities. If solar energy to save, it is necessary to have ways of doing they collect of generating, so that it can be used. Install large solar panels on your home to stop solar energy.

These are expensive, but they can store more solar energy when they are on your home closer rays sun. Use for storing liquid such as water or packed bed solar energy. packed bed is container usually filled with water or a similar liquid.

Store Solar Energy

Stones are placed inside container where they soak up sun’s energy. liquid absorbs sun’s rays similar to how lake or ocean does. If you are ever out on water swimming, you probably notice how easier it is to get sun burned.

Store solar energy using heat-of-fusion units, which use chemicals to change water to solid form. This is similar to packed bed, but liquid absorbs sun’s rays and then chemicals convert liquid to solid so it traps energy. Install incidental heat traps in your home to warm floor and house.

This requires stone floor so that heat can come into your window and be absorbed into stone floor. floor is warm during day but cools in evening as heat from floor rises up and warms house during evening. similar method of warming house is called thermo-siphoning walls and roofs, which work same way as long as they are positioned to heat home.

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How to Store Solar Energy

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