Store Solar Energy With Car Batteries

The current through photovoltaic PV panel is generated can be stored in any type of battery, the power stores. Car batteries can easily perform this task. However small device called charge controller or charge controller is required to ensure that the batteries do not pay too much by solar panel, if the panel producing electricity and batteries are fully charged.

Check information about your solar panels and make sure that they are designed to power 12 volt system. Some solar panels can be wired for 24 volts. In this case plates would create tension, which would seriously damage 12-volt battery. Insert the batteries in your building in a well ventilated area.

Store Solar Energy With Car Batteries

12-volt batteries must be connected in parallel. This means that positive terminals of car batteries will be connected together. Then, negative terminals will be connected together.

Count how many battery interconnect cables you need to hook up batteries in parallel. Trace path of cables linking batteries and solar panels and measure this distance as accurately as you can. Multiply this distance by two.

This is length of cable you will need. gauge or thickness of cable is important. higher current produced by solar panels, thicker cable should be.

Consult one of many websites that show you how to chose correct AWG number for cables that run between solar panels and batteries. Use charge controller to control charging current from solar panels to batteries. Charge controllers are sized for maximum current generated by solar panels in full sunshine.

Go to store that sells solar energy equipment and supplies, or check out one of many websites on Internet. Buy charge controller, battery interconnects, and length of cable required. Install charge controller on wall close to batteries.

Connect battery interconnects so that batteries are connected in parallel.

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How to Store Solar Energy With Car Batteries

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