Store Solar Electricity

While conventional power supplies such as batteries, especially rechargeable batteries, are capable of almost unlimited power to save. Solar panels, however. requiring a permanent presence of source bright, consistent light to produce electricity, to limit their versatility dramatically.

ability of batteries to work anywhere, at any time, unfortunately, it presents green, renewable solar energy in big way. Fortunately, you can convert your once limited solar field in solar energy storage system with just a few basic materials and tools within a half hour or so. Band 1 or 8 inches of insulation unconnected ends of each wire you can find.

Store Solar Electricity

This will entail two from each battery station and two from solar array, and should only be done if wire ends are not already stripped. Tape battery stations together securely at sides, avoiding blocking battery chambers and any other components vital to stations proper function. Twist ends of two battery stations positive wires together, as well as ends of two negative wires.

You’ll be left with single positive and single negative connection to your taped-together battery stations. Twist end of positive battery station connection around positive—or ringed—end of blocking diode. Cement connection with drop or two of solder, which you should allow to dry thoroughly before moving on.

Connect negative solar-panel wire directly to negative connection to battery stations and solder connection thoroughly. Solder positive solar-panel wire to unconnected end of blocking diode at this time as well.

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How to Store Solar Electricity

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