Store Extra Solar Power

If you want to have greener home, then you should install green energy in your home. Whether geothermal want to tap, solar or wind energy is up to you, but whatever kind of energy that you collect you need ways to save. Because the sun does not shine 24 hours a day if you have solar power system in your home, you need to supplement Fashion solar panels with energy storage solution.

In this way you can provide electricity at night your house with solar energy. Decide how much energy you need to save. If you only use your solar power system small device, like to run well pump, you will need only small battery system.

Store Extra Solar Power

If you are trying to store enough energy to run much of your home’s electric needs, then you will need to install larger battery bank. Create suitable environment to store your batteries in. You need room with floor that won’t get destroyed if you get battery acid on it.

Good ventilation is important because batteries can sometimes vent dangerous gasses. Finally, you need room where you can maintain consistent temperature that is recommended for your batteries. Most batteries should be stored at 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Always consult your battery’s instructions for exact specifications. less sophisticated setup is possible, but room like this is best for solar power rigs where you will be using many batteries to store energy. Decide which type of batteries you want to use and purchase them.

You may choose batteries that are known as flooded. These need water added to them at periodic intervals. Sealed batteries do not need water added, but will cost more.

Flooded batteries need to be stored in room outside house in order to prevent gas leaks and accidental exposure to sparks or fire. Sealed batteries can be used inside in some circumstances. Run power from your solar panels through solar regulator.

You need to regulate current, so batteries are charged with amount of power that they are rated for. Run any devices which require direct current DC power from your battery bank. You will need to install power inverter if you want to use alternating AC power.

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How to Store Extra Solar Power

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