Stop Taking Activella

Activella is medication prescribed by doctors to reduce symptoms of menopause. Activella helps reduce hot flashes, sweating and dryness, burning and itching around vagina. Activella is combination of estradiol, estrogen, and norethindrone progesten.

The norethindrone is added in order to reduce risk of uterine cancer. Activella is not for everyone and risks, including dementia, breast cancer, stroke and heart disease, sometimes outweigh benefits. If you are currently using Activella and want to stop taking it, consult your doctor first. Talk to your doctor.

Stop Taking Activella

Your doctor will help you decide whether or not you are ready to stop taking Activella. Patients getting off Activella may experience mood swings, hot flashes, dizziness, headaches and have trouble sleeping. Be sure you are willing to put up with these side effects before you start getting off of Activella.

Your doctor will recommend some type of tapering method. One example is to take your Activella dosage as normal. On seventh day of week, do not take your dose.

Continue to take your dosage this way until you feel comfortable and normal doing so. following week after you are feeling normal, take your dosage for five days and then do not take your dose. Continue tapering down until you are only taking your dosage one day week.

Continue taking this dose until you feel normal, then taper off completely. If you have any problems while tapering off Activella, contact your doctor immediately.

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