Stop Room Air Conditioner From Freezing Up

Air conditioners require constant flow of air through evaporator coils. evaporator coils are those inside room and cooled face. It is these coils that eliminate heat and humidity of room closed.

Maintenance is necessary to keep room air conditioner in good working order. Not properly maintain air conditioner can result in having evaporator coils are frozen by accumulation of excess moisture. Turn off air conditioning unit and allow ice to melt completely.

Stop Room Air Conditioner From Freezing Up

You may run just fan to blow air over coils to accelerate melting of accumulated ice. This may cause excessive moisture to be blown into enclosed room. Remove interior filter from front of evaporative coil.

Wash filter under stream of hot water in sink. Clean all built-up debris from thin filter material. Allow filter to thoroughly dry.

Vacuum evaporative coils after thawing and when there is no moisture present. Use brush attachment on vacuum cleaner. Run brush in vertical movements across evaporative coil face.

This will remove accumulated debris from between fins. Debris will interrupt airflow, which can cause freezing of coils. Operate room air conditioner unit when indoor or outdoor air temperatures are above 65 degrees F.

Lower ambient temperatures will cause unit to freeze up. Remove air conditioner unit from window, if after performing all of above, evaporative coil is still freezing up. compressor unit is low on Freon and must have more Freon added to refrigeration system.

Only certified technicians are allowed to add refrigerant to all cooling systems.

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How to Stop Room Air Conditioner From Freezing Up

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