Stop Remicade Before Surgery

The prescription drug Remicade also known as infliximab, is type of drug that is commonly prescribed to treat inflammation in body, such as arthritis. Before surgery, you may indicate to discontinue all or some of your current prescription medications to avoid complications with anesthesia or during procedure itself or infection. Wean off of prescription drug is balancing act, trying to balance their need long-term drug against its short-term need to be free of its effects during surgery.

Check with your surgeon, setting schedule for discontinuing use of Remicade before surgery. According to dr. Alan Matsumoto, M. D. John Hopkins Arthritis Center, Remicade is usually given once every eight weeks, so you should plan to schedule your surgery to fall about six weeks after last injection or dose of Remicade.

Stop Remicade Before Surgery

Speak with your doctor administering or prescribing Remicade to obtain any additional necessary instructions for discontinuing drug. For example, he might want to decrease your final dosage of medication slightly before surgery so that more of drug clears your system prior to operation itself. Consume diet to treat underlying condition where applicable, minimizing your chances of seeing flare-up during period when you will not be receiving full dose of Remicade.

Many conditions for which Remicade is prescribed-such as Crohn’s, colitis and arthritis-can be treated in part with dietary restrictions, so research proper diet for your condition and utilize it to improve your quality of life while not on Remicade.

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How to Stop Remicade Before Surgery

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