Stop Leaky Bathroom Faucet

A fourth bathroom faucet dripping is annoying, and plumbers are expensive. Most leaks result from one or two defective seals can be easily replaced. Local hardware stores should carry all the parts you need to fix leaky bathroom faucet.

tub or sink faucets usually start leaking because O-rings worn or damaged stems, which are easy to fix. With some basic tools, you can stop that dripping faucet without calling a plumber. Find the shutoff valve to the bathwater.

Stop Leaky Bathroom Faucet

This should be beneath your sink or behind access panel for your bathtub. Look at water lines in either of these locations, and locate small handle on both hot water and cold water lines. Turn each handle as far as you can to right to shut them off.

If your home is older or shut-off valve is not present, you will have to turn water off at meter. Place stopper in drain on your sink or tub. parts you are working with are tiny in some cases, and you do not want to worsen situation by dropping one down drain.

Locate center screw to remove outer faucet handle. screw head should be visible in top center of plastic handle, if you cannot see it, center beauty cap covers it. For T-handle faucets, retaining screw is in end of handle.

Remove beauty cap, unscrew this tiny screw and pull handle straight up. Some may require gentle prying with flathead screwdriver to dislodge, but most will not. T-handle faucets will come off same way, straight up.

Run tip of screwdriver gently around base of faucet stem to pry up rubber washer or seal, or O-ring. Stretch replacement ring gently over faucet stem to position it at base. This should be tight fit, but not so tight that it stretches your O-ring to point of breakage.

If it looks as though rubber ring could snap at any moment, try larger ring.

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How to Stop Leaky Bathroom Faucet

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