Stop Final Decree of Divorce

The final divorce decree is court order signed by judge giving official legal order of marriage. court will issue final decree only after all outstanding issues surrounding property, debts, child custody, visitation, child support and alimony have been definitively settled by both parties. While some people believe that divorce is best way to end marriage in which spouses are no longer able to coexist, there are others who do not accept divorce for religious or moral reasons.

Stop final decree is choice for those who refuse to accept divorce. Reconciled with your spouse. If you and your spouse want to make marriage work, you can stop divorce process, indicating that it has reconciled their differences.

Stop Final Decree of Divorce

divorce hearings cannot continue if both parties are no longer willing to proceed. Seek court-ordered mediation. Ask judge to permit both parties to enter into mediation.

Mediation places divorce proceedings on hold therefore, it merely delays final decree while parties try to work out certain legal issues. Get marriage counseling. Ask your spouse to stop divorce proceedings and agree to get marriage counseling.

Inform court that you are seeking counseling as alternative to divorce. Ask court to grant permanent legal separation rather than divorce. court must rule on issues of alimony, child support and visitation, as well as division of assets and debts, before giving legal separation.

Legal separation is not frequently granted by courts, it is option for people who do not believe in divorces because of religious or moral tenets.

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How to Stop Final Decree of Divorce

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