Stop Diarrhea in Cats That Are Diabetic

Diarrhea in cats is known to be symptom of diabetes. If you know your cat has diabetes, it is important to pay close attention to your health. Observe amount of stool there every day in sandbox, and also check if your cat is doing its business around house.

Get your cat to vet. There is possibility that diarrhea can be caused by serious health problem. Many cats do not develop diabetes until they are older, and now it is very common for cats experiencing other health problems.

Stop Diarrhea in Cats That Are Diabetic

Following any instructions that vet provides you on how to stop diarrhea is important. Your cat will most likely be put on antibiotics that you will need to administer. If you cannot get to vet right away, move to following step.

Make sure that your cat’s diabetes is being stabilized. This means ensuring you have given your cat insulin shots and checking his glucose levels. Failing to do either of these things can cause your cat to become very sick.

This may cause your cat to experience diarrhea or other adverse side effects. Determine whether you have made change in your cat’s food. Almost any cat has difficult time adjusting to new cat food when it is switched suddenly.

Changing foods by mixing in small amount with food your cat is already eating in beginning is best. Remember that diabetic cats tend to be much more sensitive than other cats, so diet plays very important role in their health. Asking your vet what foods are best for diabetic cats is ideal if you haven’t done so already.

Put your cat on bland diet until diarrhea stops. best thing that you can do is cook lean chicken or beef for your cat. Do not use any type of seasonings, as this will bother your kitty’s stomach.

Animal byproducts should be avoided. Also keep in mind that diabetic cats should not consume rice, potatoes, or any other foods that are high in carbohydrates as they will raise insulin levels. Although changing to new cat food will irritate your cat’s stomach, bland diet should calm it down.

Keep your cat hydrated. Diarrhea is known to lead to dehydration. Although this will not necessarily prevent your cat’s diarrhea from stopping, it will ensure that your kitty does not feel any worse.

Also know that dehydration, when serious, can be fatal. Diabetic cats tend to drink from their bowls much more often than healthy cats. Making sure that your cat’s water bowl is full at all times is best thing that you can do.

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How to Stop Diarrhea in Cats That Are Diabetic

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