Stop Air Conditioner Leak

An air conditioner wall unit is within window frame and any condensation dripping from back of unit and on lawn. unit is installed incorrectly blocked drain hole or ice accumulation causing leaks inside house. Therefore, it is vital for overhaul and repair of air conditioning to prevent water damage quickly.

Check installation of air conditioning. rear of unit should sit slightly lower than front. There should be no difference ΒΌ to 1 inch height unit level back and front.

Stop Air Conditioner Leak

This ensures that water rolls to back of unit and to outside of building. air conditioning unit that sits lower in front will allow water to roll to front and leak inside home. Unblock drain hole.

This is located in back of unit and allows water to drain off. If drain hole is blocked, water may back up and drip and leak into home. Check for icing inside unit.

Remove front cover of air conditioner. Four or more screws often hold cover in place. Pop cover off.

cooling coil is located just behind cover. Ice that builds up on coil may melt and drain and leak into home. Check appropriate BTU rating and room size in owner’s manual for your unit to ensure settings are proper.

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How to Stop Air Conditioner Leak

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