Steps of Solar Energy

The solar energy is a clean, renewable environmentally friendly fuel. Energy generated by the sun, air drives and supports virtually all life on earth. amazing power sun radiates per second more energy then, people have used since the invention of electricity.

Technologies that are available today have to convert this capacity almost unlimited energy in self-sustaining source of electrical energy. Harnessing power from solar energy panels makes it possible to live without the need of commercially generated electricity. Solar photovoltaic cells are usually mounted on rooftops, these plates are the basic building blocks of the solar system.

Steps of Solar Energy

photovoltaic solar cell is composed of material that is similar to that of computer microchip. solar photovoltaic cell is composed of small semiconductor elements that can convert solar ray into electron. When these electrons move they are converted by photovoltaic cells into DC electrical current.

The DC electrical current is captured by solar photovoltaic cells and is sent to DC-to-AC inverter. DC-to-AC inverter converts direct electrical current DC to alternating electrical current AC . This alternating electrical current AC reverses direction at regular intervals.

alternating electrical current provides energy required to supply energy for all of your household needs. Any surplus current that is not being used by house can be routed either to battery backup solar cell pack or back to community energy grid. battery backup system provides extremely reliable system for keeping lights on when sun is not shining.

Unlike typical backup battery system that burns propane gas, these batteries are recharged entirely with clean energy from sun. During day your solar panels are not only converting sunlight into electricity, they will also recharge battery backup system. Typically these batteries can provide uninterrupted electrical operation for up to 12 hours.

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