Steam Clean Bathroom Tile

Steam cleaning is an effective way to deep clean hard surfaces as it removes dirt and grime as well as bacteria and germs. This method is especially useful in the bathroom, where mold and fungi that thrive in the bathroom tiles are removed. Steam cleaning can help allergy sufferers and can keep your family healthy by reducing harmful microbes.

Using steam jet to clean tiles on the walls or floor of your bathroom and tile in the shower or bath. Read directions for your steam cleaner thoroughly. Each cleaner is slightly different, but in general, you can expect to fill your tank cleaner with water and wait for the tank to heat.

Steam Clean Bathroom Tile

Some cleaners require you to release steam for few seconds before use to eliminate air bubbles. Choose appropriate attachment for your tile. Most steam cleaners come with several attachments in different shapes and sizes.

Many have cloth coverings to absorb dirt as it runs off tile surface. If you are cleaning grout or small tiles, you may want to use direct stream of steam without cloth covering. Larger heads with cloth coverings are good for bigger tiles or bathtubs.

Clean tile one small section at time by pulling trigger or pressing button, depending on your machine, to release steam. If you are using cloth-covered attachment, hold cloth against tile and pull cloth slowly across surface. You will notice cloth becoming dirty as tile becomes clean.

If you are using direct steam on grout or smaller tiles, have rag handy to wipe away water and dirt that will condense and run down your tile. Add water as necessary to provide enough steam for your whole bathroom. When tank empties, wait amount of time indicated in your manual for machine to cool down before opening tank to add more water.

Opening hot steam tank can cause burns. Use lower heat setting to clean painted tiles. Very hot steam can damage or remove paint.

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How to Steam Clean Bathroom Tile

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