Start Wedding Planner Agency

A wedding planner is someone who works as consultant for bride and planning all aspects of wedding and reception. There are no regulations or licensing requirements to become wedding planner, other than municipal license required as your city or state. In order to succeed as wedding planner, you must be efficient, professional and have contacts within field.

Decide whether to operate your wedding planner agency of your home or in retail building in city. See municipal codes to find out what kind of business license needed to operate business anywhere. print business cards and brochures detailing services offered.

Start Wedding Planner Agency

Wedding planners do everything from ordering invitations to decorating reception hall. Be specific in your services. Put together photo album of any past weddings you have helped to plan.

You can show this to potential clients. Offer to help plan weddings for friends, and use those photos to build your portfolio. Introduce yourself to key retailers that you will be working with. Leave business cards at bridal shops, flower shops, bakeries and anywhere else that caters to bridal parties in your area.

You will be working with them, so it is vital to form good relationship. Start by booking one or two weddings. Do not take on too much at once, or you may be overwhelmed.

Working on one or two weddings at time will ensure that you are able to give details all attention they need.

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How to Start Wedding Planner Agency

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