Start Travel Writing and Photography Business

Writing and photography is a good combination of free business. Travel writing and photography is popular specialty among freelance writers, because it is fun to do research and travel products are very popular. If you have some rudimentary skills are good writers and have photography, you can start travel writing and photography business.

It may take while to establish, but if you are persistent, you should be able to make your business successful. Go through Market Writer or another leader to find markets for travel writing and photographs, and make list of potential buyers for your work. If you live near large bookstore, visit it and go through magazine rack, from names and addresses to make as possible from as many travel publications note.

Start Travel Writing and Photography Business

If they are not listed in your market guide, check each website to see if magazine works with freelancers and provides online writers guidelines. Generate list of potential topics, and decide which magazines might be interested in each topic. Identify at least two or three possible markets for each of your topics.

Travel writing is highly competitive field, so it’s very likely that you’ll get several rejections before you make sale. Write query for each of your travel topics, emphasizing that you will be able to provide photographs along with your article. Send your queries to first magazine on your list for each topic.

If you get rejection, immediately send query to next magazine on your list. When your query is accepted and you have signed contract for article, do necessary research and travel to write article, and shoot good-quality photographs to accompany it. Be sure to save your receipts, as you will be able to deduct part of expenses that you incur while researching travel articles, even if it involves visiting fun destination.

After you have turned in your article and it is accepted by editor, immediately send her another query. In order to build successful travel writing business, it’s necessary to develop regular markets. Pitching topic while your article is still fresh in editor’s mind can boost your chances of making another sale. Eventually she may even assign articles to you.

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How to Start Travel Writing and Photography Business

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