Start Solar Energy Business Cost Effectively

Green energy is prevented, as scales begin production rates to reduce. Solar energy is no exception. made According to CNET, solar panel in 1980 will cost around $ 21 to produce per watt.

Today it is nearly 90 percent less. start solar power business has inherent costs, as with any business, such as wages or sales commissions, installation costs and taxes. With careful planning, efficient marketing and appropriate use of funding, government grants and help you business, this renewable resource to start in an inexpensive manner.

Start Solar Energy Business Cost Effectively

To save on startup costs, it’s possible to use your own home as model for solar power use. Study solar panel installation and use. Some manufacturers and sales representatives will offer materials free or at nominal cost.

Utilize Department of Energy and other government websites to aid in this process. Write detailed business plan explaining to potential investors and lenders how you will make money, your cash flow, manufacturing or purchasing costs and other details about your business process. Consult with U.S.

Small Business Administration for help. Decide on whether to organize your business as limited liability company or another type to shield yourself from personal liability in business. Apply for Employer Identification Number from

This allows you to hire employees and establish business checking account. It also provides identification number to use to apply for grants. List your business with secretary of state’s office that licenses businesses in your state, and establish sales tax number. License your business locally with city government, if necessary.

Establish very small storefront. location is more important than size, as you can establish model home at your residence. Purchase inexpensive computer to use applying for grants and loans.

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How to Start Solar Energy Business Cost Effectively

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