Start Small Solar Business in California

The depletion of resources to generate electricity has much to leave it on renewable resources such as solar energy. The switch to solar energy is attractive because of tax credits and incentives from the US government.

demand for solar system installers and every aspect of the solar industry is drastic growth. To start small solar business in California, you need to get solar contractor license contract state license board. Understanding solar energy.

Start Small Solar Business in California

You don’t need to be college graduate or sales executive to start business, but you do need to have necessary knowledge to educate homeowner about system. You should help them understand need and benefits of your business. Write business plan incorporating your goals, preferences, customer services, competitors, core competencies, marketing plan, pricing strategy, financial projections, funding sources, necessary equipments and facilities and legal documents. You can obtain funding from federal, as well as state, and even city governments because of need for solar power and government’s support to promote business.

Define your business structure and register it with California Secretary of State. Choose fictitious business name and register it with county clerk of county of your principal place of business. fee varies based on your county.

Obtain license to perform as solar contractor from Contractors State Licensing Board. As solar contractor, you can install, modify, maintain and repair thermal and photovoltaic solar energy systems. You will need to pass both written Law and Business Examination and specific trade examination for license unless you are approved for waiver.

Call Contractor’s State Licensing Board at 800-321-2752 and ask for test dates and requirements.

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How to Start Small Solar Business in California

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