Start My House on Solar Energy

Change to use your home solar energy in some form, and are reflected to see savings in your electric bill. Almost every room in the modern house is full of lights and appliances that consume energy in their daily operations. This is not only hard on the environment, but it is also expensive.

Solar energy is abundant and free, and there are steps that you can take in your home begin immediately to use this energy. Make small changes to see modest improvements in your energy consumption, or to go even further and significantly reduce your energy consumption. Use sun to dry your clothes.

Start My House on Solar Energy

This modification to your home costs you essentially nothing, and yet is very significant. clothes dryer is second largest consumer of energy among household appliances. Put clothesline in backyard to use sun’s energy to dry your clothes instead.

This can save you great deal of money and energy over lifetime of your dryer. Change windows in your home to take advantage of passive solar heating. By strategically using certain types of windows in your home, you can capture sun’s energy in winter to help heat your home, or keep it out in summer to keep your home cool and save on air conditioner bill.

If you are trying to collect heat in winter, you want large south-facing windows that have U-factor measurement of rate of heat loss of 0.35 or less, and solar heat gain coefficient of more than 0.6. Install overhang to prevent excessive sun from entering in summer. Purchase and install solar energy kit.

This is for those that wish to start taking more drastic measure and want to convert their home to use as much solar energy as possible. Buy packaged kit that includes everything that you need for solar conversion. Use green contractor to install equipment to ensure it is done in most efficient way, and to help you make sure that all proper wiring is place.

Make sure you have any permits required for solar conversion in your area.

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How to Start My House on Solar Energy

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