Start Home Solar Power System

Solar power system is safe, clean and efficient energy system energy from sunlight into electricity generates conversion. Top solar setup can be very expensive, which is why many people choose to use solar power in conjunction with existing network performance. Estimate your monthly electricity consumption at home.

You will need your home to use utility bills for the last 12 months. Consider using solar calculator in Resources below to determine your power needs. Determine whether grid-connected solar power system or off-grid system want to set.

Start Home Solar Power System

Most homeowners go for grid-tied systems because solar panels tend to be really expensive. Nonetheless, if you can afford number of solar panels required for off-grid system, you should certainly consider this option. Keep in mind that if you decide to go completely off grid, you will need to purchase additional storage batteries, which will store electricity produced by panels during day for usage at night.

If you use grid-tied solar system, you will use solar electricity during day and grid electricity at night since there will not be any stored electricity . Purchase photovoltaic solar panels that are to be installed on your rooftop. There is great variety of products available including solar panels, roll out solar sheets and solar shingles.

Use second link in Resources to determine number of panels you need according to your energy requirements. Use rail mounting system for securing panels on your roof. rail mounting system usually comes with panels, but you can also purchase it from solar supplies store. installation of panels varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Read product manual for instructions on installing solar panels.

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How to Start Home Solar Power System

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