Start Career in Insurance

The insurance industry is booming. California insurance market alone generated over $ 90000000000 turnover. If you willing to say for themselves, are part of this huge market, then you can follow these steps to start your career in the insurance.

Determine what type of insurance career that you want. There are dizzying list of various insurance companies that you can market. They also have opportunity to specialize in each type of insurance or option to sell different types of insurance policies.

Start Career in Insurance

Some of insurance sectors that you can enter include health, business liability, fire, theft and casualty, health insurance, auto insurance and travel insurance. Visit your state’s Department of Insurance to find out what prerequisites you will need to meet before you can start your career as insurance agent. You can visit NAIC website to find link for your state.

Meet your educational requirements. Most states will require you to take minimum of 40 hours of pre-licensure insurance classes. These classes are offered by number of companies including A.D. Banker andamp, Company.

Your other option is to complete degree program designed for insurance professionals like degree program offered by Trocaire College. Prepare for your insurance licensing exam. Your state’s Department of Insurance will have study guide that you can use to focus your studying.

topics covered are going to vary depending on what type of insurance license you are trying to get. However, you should expect topics to include liability and property laws. Register for and take your insurance licensing exam.

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How to Start Career in Insurance

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