Stain or Paint Bathroom Cabinets

Refinishing bathroom cabinets with new stain or paint is cheap and new cost-effective to update the look of any bathroom. Take critical look at your closet door style, you may be able to remove or add striking higher frame molding around the outer edges to completely change the physical appearance of the cabinets. At least you have to also update the cabinet hardware. Clean your cabinets one or two days before you plan to paint.

Remove everything from inside cabinets. Aspire out inside. Check for water leaks in pipes or older wood rot. scrub cabinets inside and out with soap and nylon bristle brush and water.

Stain or Paint Bathroom Cabinets

Dry wood immediately. You are trying to remove greasy stains from old products. Leave doors and drawers open to dry completely Remove doors and drawers from cabinets and take them to your well-ventilated workspace such as in garage . Remove all hardware.

Sand your cabinet doors and drawer faces using orbital sander. If you are restaining you will need to completely remove old stain or finish. If you are repainting you will want to remove finish.

Fill holes, dents or damage. Remove excess molding. Use wood filler and sand off any excess after filler dries.

Stain your cabinet doors on inside first. If you only stain outside door may warp. Apply stain with disposable brush and wipe off excess stain in direction of wood grain using rags.

longer stain stays on wood, darker stain will get. Place plastic sheeting on your bathroom floor and tape off walls and ceiling where stain or paint may contact other surfaces. Tape off hinges.

Sand and stain your cabinets in your bathroom.

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How to Stain or Paint Bathroom Cabinets

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