Stain Bathroom Cabinets

Whether your bathroom cabinets are new and unfinished or old and in need of improvement, staining them can provide new look. Refinishing bathroom cabinets can enhance the appeal of your bathroom, if you have a limited budget and can not afford new cabinets. project is quite simple and can be accomplished in a few hours. Remove all doors and drawers of the cupboards. Take as much hardware as possible.

This will allow cabinets sand and stains the best and most complete possible. If the cabinets are painted, paint strip before proceeding with sanding. sanding wood.

Stain Bathroom Cabinets

Use 120-grit sandpaper to lightly sand cabinets. Sand in direction of wood grain. Sand over wood again using 220-grit sandpaper until wood is completely smooth. After sanding, apply wood conditioner.

Apply stain using rag. Work stain down into pores of wood. After you have stained wood all over, let it dry completely.

Once wood is dry, apply second coat of stain if you prefer darker color. If color is too dark, lightly sand cabinets again. Apply even coat of sealant.

Make sure coat is not too thick. Use second coat of sealant if needed. wood should have wet looking appearance.

Let it dry. Put hardware back on cabinets, or use new hardware for updated look. Hang cabinet doors.

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How to Stain Bathroom Cabinets

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