Solar Power Your RV or Boat

Boats and RVs make great escape vehicles, but it can be annoying when you remote location and anchor or camp accessible only blessed stillness by chugging from gas-powered generator destroyed to have. rotate through the solar energy, you will ultimately save money on gas, and help protecting the environment you enjoy. Do you know how it works.

With the exception of geothermal and nuclear power, world energy all originate in the sun. Solar energy is link that allows you to capture and our star power. When sunlight hits doped semiconductors such as silicon, photons knock electrons free to generate electricity from its movement.

Solar Power Your RV or Boat

By putting wires into solar transducer to draw off juice, you’ve created photovoltaic cell. PV cells can be made into single large sheet or combined into large array of hundreds to make solar panels. power created is direct current or DC, same as you get from battery.

On boat or recreational vehicle you’ll be storing power that you generate in your 12 volt on board batteries. Determine capacity. Estimate how many watts you plan to use.

power you need for marine radio will be far less than you would use for wide-screen TV with DVD player. less power you use, smaller system you’ll need. Determine where you can cut power consumption, such as swapping your incandescent lights for fluorescent lights or light emitting diodes LED and going to LCD screens if you plan to watch TV.

Understand parts you’ll need. Most systems consist of solar panels, charge controller, mounting structures, output wiring, cables, fuses, batteries and inverter. Once electricity is generated by solar panel, it is regulated by charge controller which protects your batteries from being overcharged or undercharged.

controller ensures maximum battery life. Digital charge controllers include LED display that monitors your entire power system. Mounting structures secure panels to your deck or roof and should be waterproof.

Inverters are to power your AC devices. You’ll need slew of cables, including inter-module cables that connect one solar panel to another, output cables that connect photovoltaic cells to your junction box, cable that runs from your controller to battery and cable that takes your power output to your inverter. Choose deep cycle batteries.

Car batteries are designed to generate high starting current for short period to fire up ignition. They are rarely fully discharged because car’s generator replenishes power as soon as engine runs. interior plates on batteries resemble lead sponges and offers large surface area for quick, high current generation.

These will fail after as few as 30 deep cycles, but will hold up for thousands of starts. Deep cycle batteries have solid lead plate surface, so they generate less initial current but last longer. They can be consistently discharged by 80% without damage.

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How to Solar Power Your RV or Boat

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