Solar Power My Home

Many people want to use solar energy to save money on their annual electricity bill and earth. So why do not they switch to all-solar energy can be expensive. Just because to go completely, you can not afford solar does not mean that you do not easily and inexpensively at home can be supplied with solar.

Understand your options. There are two main types of solar energy, passive and active. While expensive active power system to install that can make your home run completely supplied by energy from the sun be your goal, there are a number of passive ways sun to your advantage and save money on these accounts before you are ready to make full switching to solar energy.

Solar Power My Home

Install insulated blinds. One of best passive solar investments you can make is to install insulated blinds designed for your area’s weather conditions. For instance, if you live in colder region, you’ll probably want to keep warm air in house most months, so you’ll need blinds that absorb, or pull sunlight into, your home.

Those living in warmer climates will need light-reflecting blinds to push sun and its heat back outside house to keep it cooler. Install awnings. Awnings are another great way to use sun’s rays to your advantage.

There are two main types to consider when using them as passive heat and cooling option Try solar screens. Versatile solar shade cloths are great way to keep your home cool during hotter summer months. Installed on outside of house allowing summer heat to be dissipated outside, instead of inside, your rooms , they are made of durable solar cloth that cuts amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that passes through.

Once you have utilized all of passive solar techniques you can, you may decide to try next step in solar-powering your home installing more active system. This, too, can be done in stages, depending on your budget. One of easiest active solar additions you can make is installation of solar tiles or shingles to roof.

Not as bulky as solar panels, they work relatively same way, albeit on smaller scale.

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How to Solar Power My Home

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