Size Solar Power System

There are many opportunities for green energy use for your home or business. These include solar systems, which are more economical and therefore often used to be. Costs depend in part on the size of the solar power system, which in turn is influenced by the user energy consumption.

If you on the southwest coast of the US to live, you will probably have fewer solar cells than in northern climates. if you live in climate with little sun throughout the year, solar power system will not be able to reverse to provide 100 percent of your energy needs – no matter how many solar panels you install. Calculate how much electrical energy in kilowatt per hour kWh, your house used on a daily basis.

Size Solar Power System

This may be calculated on your utility bill. If not, study past utility bills and write down how many kWh you used each month during last year. Add this figure and divide that total by 365.

Determine your region’s average daily solar peak hours, also known as peak sun hours or solar radiance. Solar peak hours refers to amount of time per day that area receives most direct sunlight. higher number of solar peak hours, smaller your solar power system needs to be.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Resource Assessment Program see resources below provides map of this information for entire U.S. Calculate size of system you need by first multiplying your average daily solar peak hours by 0.80. 0.80 represents estimation of 80 percent efficiency of most solar panel systems.

Next, divide your average daily kWh by this number. For example, if you consume average of 30 kWh per day and live in region with average daily solar peak hours of 5.5, your solar system size needs to be 6.8 kilowatts kW . Determine size of actual total solar panels by multiplying solar system size kW by 10.

In above example, you would need 680 square feet of solar panels to meet your daily energy needs.

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