Size Solar Electric System

The supply current in your home or business with solar energy is an excellent alternative to pay what bill may be electrical monthly costly. Not only will it cut costs of long-term, but it is also much more environmentally friendly. While power grids require run

US-fossil fuels in many parts, solar energy uses the energy from the sun, the renewable resource. It is also free from pollution. If your solar power system sizing is important thing to keep in mind how much electricity you are consuming each month.

Size Solar Electric System

Check your electric bills from past year. What you are looking for is how many kilowatt-hours you used per month. Some bills may include small graph or chart that displays your kilowatt-hours over past few months to year.

Kilowatt-hours is measurement of electric power. Look for month in which you used most power. This is often during summer due to frequent use of air conditioners.

You will use kilowatt-hours consumed during this month as basis for designing your solar electric system. Calculate insolation specific to your area. Insolation is term that refers to amount of peak sunlight you receive every day and it is measured in hours.

Even though sun is out for perhaps 10 hours in your area, amount of peak sunlight you receive over that time may be only three hours. You can refer to USA Solar Insolation chart in resources section for information specific to your area. Divide kilowatt-hours you consumed in your most costly month by 30.

This will give you idea of maximum kilowatt-hours you consume per day. For example, if you consumed 300 kilowatt-hours in month of August, your daily average use was 10 kilowatt-hours. Divide number you arrived at above by insolation in your area.

For example, if your daily average use was 10 kilowatt-hours and insolation in your area is two hours, then this means you will need to produce 5 kilowatt-hours of power per insolation hour. Add 30 percent to number of kilowatt-hours in previous step to factor in inefficiencies of most solar electric systems. You can do this by multiplying number above by 1.30.

For example, if you calculated that you need to produce 5 kilowatt-hours per insolation hour, then in reality you will increase this number to 6.5 kilowatt-hours.

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