Size PV Solar Panels

Due to rising energy costs and environmental concerns, such as wind to invest in renewable energy and solar energy also makes sense financially, as with respect to the planetary health. If you are considering installing photovoltaic solar panels for your home, one of the first steps that you need is a size of the array to determine that you need to supply right at home. Installing Array, which is too small to fit your energy needs means that you must continue to draw power from the local utility.

Calculate total Watt-hours per day for each device in your home. These multiply watts, the appliance according to the number of hours he used is used every day. See Resources for sample diagram of the unit watt usage.

Size PV Solar Panels

Add total Watt-hours for each appliance together to calculate your home’s needed energy supply per day. Multiply total number of daily Watt-hours you need by 1.3. This accounts for energy that gets lost in system.

Measure dimensions of area often roof where you are planning to install solar panels. If area measures 15 feet by 30 feet, surface area is 450 square feet. Calculate size of solar array that you need.

Photovoltaic solar panels generate 8 to 10 watts of power for every square foot of area, and provides output for about 5 hours per day. Multiply wattage by square footage of planned array, using 8 watts on low end and 10 watts on high end.

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How to Size PV Solar Panels

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