Size My Home for Solar Power System

So you’ve decided to install the solar system at your home, but are not sure what size system you need there to consider many variables when system to install, but it is best to start looking at your current energy consumption to know how many days of sun you get year and if your system to power or running are completely independent bound. Install this before the solar system, it is best to do at home as electric efficiently as possible. This means that all inefficient appliances replaced fridge before 1980 made substitute you can save $ 200 in electrical costs per year.

tool like Kill-A-Watt EZ, electro-use monitor, plug between the wall and unit, and measures how much energy device is used, and how much it will cost. It is also important light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps or other, more efficient light bulbs, such as to replace LEDs. By reducing your energy consumption, you can specify the size of the solar system to reduce need.

Size My Home for Solar Power System

Evaluate your solar potential. Go beyond looking in your back yard to see if any trees are blocking sunlight where you plan to put solar system. Use National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s NOAA’s Solar Calculator and Department of Energy’s DOE’s Renewable Resource Maps to find out how much solar power your area gets. Use solar calculator to determine size of installation you need.

Reducing energy use and better knowing your surroundings will help you minimize size of installation you need. But solar calculator will help you know how many kilowatts you’ll need. Find Solar offers calculator to help you determine how big system you will need based on your location and use.

Talk with local professionals and those who have installed solar power for their homes. American Solar Energy Society Inc. ASES has chapters in every state and information about solar installers and owners.

They can help you determine how feasible solar is for your home and how large your system needs to be based on their experience.

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How to Size My Home for Solar Power System

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